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Pairings: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: boyxboy, no historical/geographic setting, AU, adult themes.
Summary: It's Spring time in the capital and everybody rejoices when the Red Caravan and its performers arrive, signaling the start of festival season, however, Prince Yunho is also in town, returning after three years battling in the Holy Land. What happens when the Red Caravan's most famous peformer, Kim Jaejoong, and Prince Yunho meet?
A/N: UPDATE~ I know, I took ages. My muse died, so I had to do without and then Uni started again and I just hate everybody. This chapter was going to be longer but hey, it's already long enough. Expect drama soon~ *laughs evilly*

It was raining heavily the day the Caravan arrived at the palace gates. Thick grey clouds fought for space in the crowded sky and every time they cluttered against each other thunder rippled from their darkened bellies. The cathedral stood looming against the dark sky, looking in the distance even more ominous than ever, while the streets of the capital transformed into dirty streams carrying animal waste and mud.

Yunho watched from a window in the King’s studio at the approaching caravan, its red canvas turned maroon from the water. He watched as the guards at the gate made Changmin climb out and show the roll of parchment he had sent two days ago. By the time the sorcerer was allowed to return to the safety of the caravan he was soaking wet. Yunho felt a tinge of remorse at that, however, the thought of having Jaejoong all to himself for a longer time kept it from consuming him.

The caravan crossed the gates and stopped a few ways from the main entrance to the palace. Several stable boys rushed to lead the pair of oxen to the stables while pages were sent to gather the visitors’ things. Trunks upon trunks were unloaded from the caravan and brought inside while the troupe members ran for cover inside the palace.

Yunho shifted from one foot to the other to calm his anxiety. He wanted nothing more than to run to the entrance and embrace his lover, but his duty was with his father, who was going through the accounts from the warfront and asking his opinion on how to proceed. He was going to be king one day and he needed to get more involved, the king would say every few minutes, trying to drill those words into his head. Yunho nodded obediently each time, not really listening.

Noting the prince’s attention was no longer on him, the King stopped his reading and set the papers down, startling Yunho when he called his name.

“It seems our guests are here,” the king muttered. After staring at Yunho for a few seconds he shook his head and huffed. “Well go on, boy. Go greet them.”

Gratefulness washed over Yunho’s face. He jumped out of his chair and managed a quick bow and a gracious retreat out of the studio before crossing the hallway in hurried long strides. In no time he was at the top of the grand staircase that dropped into the entrance hall.

And staring back up at him, a small, eager smile drawn upon his face was the object of his desire. Jaejoong.

His wet shirt clung to his lithe frame, marking the contour of his small waist; sticking to his chest and letting dusty-pink nubs peek through. His blond hair was darkened by the water in it and small drops seemed to cling to his eyelashes, making his eyes shine.

Yunho felt his mouth become dry at the sight, and he had to hold tightly onto the banister in fear he would skip the stairs altogether and just jump to greet his lover from the neck-breaking height of the second floor.

It was not long before the rest of the troupe and the servants over-looking the luggage caught sight of him. Might as well go down, he thought, and started the descent towards the entrance hall.

Once on the first ground, his feet immediately led him to the blonde man, arms starting to reach forward when Jaejoong (and the rest of them, for that matter) bowed deeply in deference.

“Your Highness,” he addressed him, and Yunho shuddered as the feeling of being splashed with ice-cold water spread through his body. Of course, they still had to keep appearances in the palace.

He cringed inside, but returned the greeting with a nod.

“I hope the move wasn’t so much of a hassle,” he said, hearing something that sounded like a snort coming from the soaked sorcerer turn into a cough.

“Oh, none at all,” Yoochun replied, a hint of sarcasm to his voice that Yunho was learning to ignore. He was determined to at least be civil to the man.

“Well then, please lead our guests to their rooms,” he told the servants gloomily. There was no point in staying to chat, with the servants around he could not say or do the things he was dying to do.

He watched as the group bowed and left, going up the stairs he had just come down from. Just before they finished climbing the stairs he spotted a mop of black hair on a much smaller body than the rest. Suddenly an idea formed in his head.

“Taemin!” he hollered and watched as the kid in question turned around, eyes wide, before leaving the group and going back down the stairs.

“Yes, Your Highness?” the boy said dutifully, his hands clasping nervously in front of him.

“I need you to do something for me,” Yunho whispered looking around to check there was no one around, before leading Taemin away.

♥ ♥ ♥

Jaejoong dropped back onto the huge bed with a content sigh after changing out of his drenched clothes. The servants had taken them all to a different room, and while he had nothing to complain about it still felt weird be sleeping alone and not with his friends after years of sleeping together in a warm pile.

He had already explored the seemingly huge room minutes ago, opening the carved wood wardrobes and trunks. There was a desk with clear sheets of parchment and an inkwell with new quills waiting to be used, and a mirror fixed onto the teal-colored wall directly on top of it. The bedspread was a darker shade of teal, with a lighter-colored design embroidered on it, matching the gold-trimmed cloth hanging from the bed’s canopy.

Their lodgings were so luxurious he was sure Yunho had something to do with it. He smiled at the thought of the prince, knowing that while they still had to hide from prying eyes, they were much closer and with more opportunities to be together now. He felt some guilt about dragging the rest of the troupe with him, but he would make it up to them someday, somehow.

There was a knock at the door before it opened with a creak, bringing Jaejoong out of his thoughts. He sat up on the bed, eyes fixed to the door, as a small boy entered the room, bowing at him.

“His Royal Highness commands you to his room, Jaejoong-sir,” he said in a soft voice. “Please follow me, sir. I’ll take you there.”

“Lead the way, kid,” Jaejoong replied with a smile, getting up from the bed and following the young servant.

♥ ♥ ♥

“What are you doing, grumpy-pants?” a voice said behind Changmin, while arms wrapped over his shoulders, making his hand slip and create a splotch of ink where a half-written greeting used to be.

“Yah! Get off you stupid buffoon!” he growled, elbowing Yoochun on the stomach.

The curly-haired man let go with an “oof”.

“What’s with everybody being so damned violent lately?” he whined, rubbing his stomach were the sorcerer hit him.

“Perhaps if you ended that terrible habit of yours of sneaking behind people while they’re busy you wouldn’t have to suffer as much,” Changmin said, crumpling the ruined letter and starting a new one. “And to answer your first question, I am writing letters to the majors of the next couple of towns in our usual route. They should know not to wait for us.”

“You don’t have to sound so annoyed about it. If you keep frowning so much you will get premature wrinkles,” Yoochun said while jumping on the sorcerer’s bed and crossing his arms behind his head.

Changmin’s room was just as luxurious as his. Looking around he spotted the tall man’s robe drying next to the fireplace. Stubborn Changmin, he thought, knowing the sorcerer did not trust anybody with his things, not even the eager-to-please servants of the palace.

Changmin ignored the curly-haired man and finished writing the letter. With a flourish of his wrist he signed at the bottom of the parchment and set it aside for the ink to dry. He put the quill back into the inkwell and sighed.

“This is pointless anyways,” he mumbled.

“Well, I’m sure the majors would love to know why we did not make it on time,” Yoochun said, eyes closed as he attempted to take a nap.

“Not that. I’m talking about being here. You know Jaejoong is going to get his heart broken, he’s just prolonging the fall,” the sorcerer said nonchalantly, a caring undertone slipping through.

“And then it’s up to us to put him back together, I know what you mean.”

“Which will take months.”

“After which he will do it again.”

Changmin sighed and went to lie next to Yoochun on the bed. “And so the cycle continues.”

Yoochun chuckled.

“One day he will learn,” he said, to which Changmin snorted.

“Would you bet on it?” Changmin asked, raising his eyebrows, incredulous.

“Not really,” Yoochun said, amused.

They stayed like that, lying next to each other with their legs dangling from the side of the bed for what seemed like hours, the soft chirping of birds outside the window being the only disturbance in the otherwise silent atmosphere. Yoochun opened his eyes briefly to glance at Changmin who seemed lost in thought.

“What’s wrong?” he asked softly.

“I don’t like this place,” the sorcerer whispered, his eyes fixed on the ceiling, “Brings back memories.”

♥ ♥ ♥

Jaejoong followed the boy through the dark corridors, the echo of their steps resounding as their feet hit the stone floor. The large vertical windows should have provided enough light but the clouds blocked the sun and raindrops drew splotchy figures on the glass surface so burning torches were placed on the walls, providing the light needed.

“Is it much farther away?” Jaejoong asked, looking at the tapestries that hung from the walls with curiosity.

“N-no, sir. We’re almost there, uhm…” the boy mumbled while blushing slightly.

Jaejoong smiled at him, hoping to reassure him but the boy only blushed a deeper shade and turned away. The kid reminded him of the boys at the orphanage with his scrawny frame and childish shyness.

Just as the boy had said, as soon as they rounded the corner they came to face with a pair of carved double doors. The boy hurried forward, knocking softly and opened the door, motioning for Jaejoong to stay put before disappearing through the doors. He faintly caught his name and the sound of shuffling before the kid appeared back between the doors and motioned him to enter.

Jaejoong followed along, pulling one of the doors open wider and stepping inside.

Before he had a chance to look around he was pulled into a tight embrace. A familiar scent assaulted his nostrils when he was pressed against a strong chest and when he looked up his face broke into a wide grin.

“Yunho,” he muttered, just before bow-shaped lips were pressed against his in a gentle yet desperate dance. He closed his eyes, intoxicated with the feel of his lover’s lips upon his own, and wrapped his arms around the prince’s neck, bringing them closer together and deepening the kiss.

It was only until they broke for air that Yunho spoke.

“You can leave now, Taemin,” he said, and when Jaejoong turned around he found the boy petrified next to the door, his face beet red from embarrassment. Jaejoong’s own face warmed up as he watched the kid march out of the room and close the door behind him.

Yunho chuckled, holding the blonde’s face between his palms.

“And what are you so embarrassed about?” he teased.

“You have no sense of decency! That poor boy,” Jaejoong scolded, the effect ruined when he laughed.

“He’ll live,” Yunho mumbled before taking another taste of his lover’s sinful mouth.

Jaejoong moaned into the kiss, letting himself be pulled forward without breaking the lip-lock. Yunho’s hands on his waist urged him to rotate their forms and soon he was being lowered onto the sumptuous bedding, the soft silk of the material proving useful when he slid back to rest against the pillows before the prince climbed over him and resumed their kissing.

Their tongues soon started a battle for dominance. Jaejoong gave up the fight, contenting himself with sucking Yunho’s tongue into his mouth, making him moan. His hands found purchase under Yunho’s light coat, swiftly pulling the undershirt free from the prince’s pants and running up and down the prince’s muscular back under the shirt.

Eventually they broke out for air, both of them panting heavily and looking absolutely ravished. The sight of the blush still tinting Jaejoong’s cheeks paired with his now tousled hair and kiss-bruised lips caused desire to stir deep within Yunho, lighting a fire that coiled inside his belly and settled in his groin.

“I’ve wanted to do this for two days,” he told Jaejoong, the latter grinning up at him.

“How long until dinner?” Jaejoong asked, breathless, a mischievous glint in his eyes. Yunho had to restrain himself from kissing him again before replying.

“Hours,” replied Yunho, lips searching the corner of Jaejoong’s lips, placing a small kiss there.

Jaejoong hummed, seemingly tasting the answer in his mouth. His fingers caressed the wide expanse of Yunho’s back as high as he could reach from that angle, crossing over the ridges of Yunho’s spine and back again.

“Make love to me, Yunho-yah,” he whispered softly, looking straight into Yunho’s eyes.

What he found there was a brief sliver of lust that soon disappeared to be replaced with panic and sheer embarrassment.

Yunho’s voice came muffled from where he hid; his face buried in the crook of Jaejoong’s neck. “I don’t know how.”

“We’ll go slowly,” Jaejoong told him, one of his hands coming out from under Yunho’s shirt and nudging his neck softly, urging him to stop hiding. “But please don’t say no. I’ve waited too long for this.”

Yunho looked up finally, a fond smile on his face. “I could never say no to you. I’ve already tried and failed.”

“Good to know,” Jaejoong said laughing. “We’re going to need some oil.”

Yunho looked thoughtful for a moment before he got up and opened a wardrobe, rummaging around the bottom until he produced a beaten up satchel from where he extracted a vial of a dark green liquid.

“Aha!” he exclaimed, triumphantly jumping on the bed again.

“What is that?” Jaejoong asked, eyebrows furrowing and eyeing the vial with suspicion.

“This, love, is a soldier’s best friend. An oily concoction to soothe aching muscles after a long battle,” Yunho explained, handing the vial to Jaejoong, before he started pulling down the covers.

“It smells like mint,” Jaejoong observed after uncorking it and putting some on his fingers, testing the texture. He moved out of the way for Yunho to finish pulling the covers to the foot of the bed before climbing back on. He set the vial down on the silky sheets, close to reach so they could find it later.

“Com’ ‘ere,” he commanded seductively, leaning back and opening his legs wide so the prince could accommodate himself between them again. Jaejoong’s hands tangled in Yunho’s hair, bringing him close enough so they could resume their kissing.

The press of lips this time was more aggressive, more passionate, and Yunho could not help the moan that rumbled in his throat at his lover’s forcefulness. In just a few seconds he gained control over the kiss, angling his head so he was able to plunge his tongue deep inside the blonde’s mouth, tasting every surface; every crevice.

When they parted, he made quick job of Jaejoong’s shirt, lifting it up over the performer’s chest; said man helping him to get it over his head before tossing it onto the floor.

“Beautiful,” he muttered before placing butterfly kisses down Jaejoong’s neck, over his clavicles and down to his chest, his tongue finding particular interest in one of the pink nubs there, causing the blonde to whimper as soon as his lips closed over it and sucked; his tongue going over the flesh in wet caresses. It was different from a woman’s chest but he did not dislike it, finding Jaejoong’s body just as alluring.

“Yunho-yah,” Jaejoong panted after Yunho left his nipple glistening with saliva, only to move down to place small bites all over the blonde’s tummy.

“Is this alright?” Yunho asked, stopping his ministrations to look at the panting mess underneath him.

“Yes. Keep going, please,” Jaejoong begged, his pupils blown with lust, his cheeks sporting a red tinge again.

Yunho sunk his tongue into Jaejoong’s belly-button, swirling it around the rim and making Jaejoong squirm. He placed a kiss there before moving down, finding the laces of the blonde’s boots and tugging them loose. He pulled the boots off and placed a kiss on Jaejoong’s ankle.

Dropping Jaejoong’s leg back on the bed he moved up again, this time his finger’s slipping under the performer’s waistband, making his breath hitch in anticipation. Yunho pulled down the fabric—slowly sliding it past Jaejoong’s knees, freeing his erection and revealing his creamy thighs—before pulling it lower and totally removing them from the blonde’s legs.

Yunho stared at the decadent sigh before him: his lover laid sprawled out on his bed, naked as the day he was born, skin flushed and his breath uneven. His cock twitched in his pants.

“This is not fair,” whined Jaejoong crossing his arms over his naked chest. “You’re still dressed.”

Yunho chuckled but kicked off his boots and threw off his jacket while Jaejoong’s hands were already on his shirt, tugging it off.

When the prince was finally topless, Jaejoong let his hands roam over the strong torso. There were some scars on Yunho’s body, a couple looking older than the others. Jaejoong knew that Yunho was bound to have some scars from battle but he did not imagine there would be so many. It was not the time to think about that, though.

He wrapped his arms around Yunho, bringing him down for a kiss and moaned when Yunho’s clothed erection rubbed against his. The prince noticed his reaction and grind down again, gaining pleasure from both the touch and the sounds the small action ripped out of Jaejoong’s throat.

Their lip-lock made it hard to tug down Yunho’s pants for Jaejoong, and he only made it past the other man’s buttocks before he had to tear himself away from Yunho’s addictive lips to finish pushing them down. Yunho let out a long sigh when the air hit his sensitive member and kicked his pants off completely.

He grinded his hips down again, groaning as skin rubbed upon skin; pre-cum gathering between them, easing the friction and making the slide oh-so-much-more delicious.

Placing firm hands over the prince’s hips, Jaejoong halted his motions. He was breathing hard but he managed to rasp out some words. “In me…. want you…. Please.”

He searched for the vial, his fingers wrapping around it once he found it. Uncorking it, he took Yunho’s hand and dropped a generous quantity on Yunho’s fingers.

“One at a time,” he instructed, and Yunho instinctively knew what he meant.

The hand that wasn’t oily pulled at the bend of Jaejoong’s leg. He kissed the blonde’s knee as it lifted, the other leg following. Jaejoong lifted a little, letting the prince have full view of his entrance.

Yunho touched the pink pucker with an oiled finger, circling the rim but not pushing inside yet. His other hand went over Jaejoong’s hip, rubbing soothing circles on it.

“Ready?” he asked, a bit unsure, but Jaejoong nodded, looking straight at him.

The finger slid inside with ease, most likely because of the oil. Jaejoong felt tight, tighter than any girl Yunho had been with, the thought making his cock twitch in anticipation. Jaejoong’s back curved and his hips lifted higher off the bed. Yunho noticed and with his other hand reached for a pillow and placed it under the blonde’s hips before he lowered them.

“Isn’t this more comfortable?” he asked, a little sheepishly.

Jaejoong pulled him down for a chaste kiss. “Thank you. Just… move your finger.”

Yunho slipped his finger a little deeper, testing and observing Jaejoong’s reactions as he pumped and curved it, softly scrapping Jaejoong’s walls with his blunt fingernail.

“Another,” rasped Jaejoong after he got used to the intrusion.

If Yunho thought one finger felt tight he was not prepared to experience the pressure he felt when he added a second finger. Looking up he noticed Jaejoong’s eyes were scrunched closed, and all his muscles seemed to be tensed up.

“Are you okay? Does it hurt? He asked, concerned, already withdrawing his fingers when a hand wrapped itself over his wrist, stopping him.

Jaejoong’s eyes were open again, although the strain was still there. Yunho felt the pressure easing as Jaejoong tried to normalize his breathing.

“I’ll be fine. Keep going.”

Yunho shot Jaejoong another concerned look but the blonde shook his head, smiling at him. Focusing back on the task, he twisted around his fingers slightly, watching Jaejoong’s face closely lest he would show signs of pain again, however, his eyes were closed and little pants of what seemed to be pleasure were the only reaction he got. He scissored his fingers, trying to make room for another one. He waited until Jaejoong instructed him to add it before pressing the digit against the reddening entrance—between his other two fingers—and pushed.

Jaejoong’s moans grew in volume as he twisted and moved his fingers, rubbing against the flesh inside and making his thighs tremble. Yunho’s fingers went over a soft bundle and Jaejoong screamed out in pleasure. He did it again, and tried to find the spot one more time when Jaejoong called his name.

“I’m ready,” Jaejoong said finally, easing back as he waited for Yunho to retrieve the vial and rub some oil all over his length before positioning himself against Jaejoong’s entrance. Jaejoong’s legs wrapped high around his waist, ankles locking behind him.

“Just tell me if I’m hurting you,” Yunho said, finding himself being more caring with the beautiful blonde than with any other past lovers, most of which he did not really care about to begin with. Compared to Jaejoong, he should not even be thinking of those girls as lovers.

He guided himself forward, the head of his penis slipping inside, the rest following after slowly.

Yunho was big, that’s all that registered in Jaejoong’s mind while the prince had yet to fill him completely. There was only a dull pain, but he closed his eyes, forcing himself to relax. He could hear Yunho panting next to his ear from the strain and he wrapped his hands around the prince’s biceps and squeezed them with encouraging pressure.

A slight push of his hips and Yunho was buried to the hilt inside Jaejoong, the latter’s back curving upwards as he let a long moan of Yunho’s name, the sound going straight to his groin. Encouraged by the reaction he pulled out and pushed inside again, feeling the delicious drag of his lover’s sweet channel, the tightness making his vision blur.

Another push and he settled into a rhythm, Jaejoong’s legs wrapping tightly around him and bringing the two men flush together.

Jaejoong’s tongue sought his plump bottom lip, sucking the reddened flesh before covering Yunho’s lips with his, swallowing Yunho’s groans in his mouth. He was in paradise at last, and they had a long time ahead of them to be together.

The prince changed the angle and suddenly Jaejoong was tearing himself away from the kiss, garbled words mixed with moans coming out of his mouth as Yunho found the sweet spot within him and hit it with amazing precision every time. His face was peppered with kisses, while blinding pleasure surged inside him, making his legs tremble.

Yunho could feel the blonde’s erection rubbing against his abdomen with every push forward, the leaking tip leaving a sticky trail over his heated skin. He was getting closer and closer to climax and so he wrapped his palm around Jaejoong’s length, hoping to hurry the other man’s release. Heat pooled inside him, creating an unbearable pressure and it took everything in him not to give into pleasure, wanting to please his lover first.

“Jae—,” he moaned, the hand on Jaejoong’s length speeding up as his hips started to lose rhythm.

Jaejoong’s breaths came out short and labored and he groaned before he visibly tensed.

“Yunho, I-I’m going—“, he started to say but pleasure caught up with him, the double stimulus too much for his body and he emptied his load all over Yunho’s fingers and stomach, slumping boneless onto the mattress below.

In a second Yunho’s lips were back on his and before he knew it he felt Yunho still against him, hips pressed flush against the back of his thighs, before he was filled to the brim with his release; the prince riding out the aftershocks in a couple small thrusts before stopping altogether.

When Jaejoong opened his eyes after the kiss he was not expecting the look of adoration the prince was showering him with. They were both glistening in sweat, hair a mess and breathing heavily but Yunho was looking at him as if he were the most beautiful gem in the world. Jaejoong averted his eyes, embarrassed, but Yunho chuckled and kissed his cheek.

“I love you,” Yunho whispered, caressing Jaejoong’s cheek.

The blonde’s eyes widened at the prince’s words. It was the first time Yunho had told him those words and he could feel as warmth spread inside his chest, his heart beating almost painfully against his ribcage.

“I love you too,” replied Jaejoong.
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