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Pairings: YunJaeMin
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: boyxboy, mature content.
Summary: Jaejoong wants to be forgiven for leaving HoMin and they know what they want as retribution.
A/N: ow come you guys stalk me and you still get lucky? LOL

Yunho paced around the apartment, a bag of chips in his hand, his phone pressed against his ear. He tried to open the bag with only one hand without success. He growled in frustration, tossing it on the coffee table before flopping on the couch, his loose shorts riding up his legs when he rested his feet on the arm of the couch.

“How’s the new album coming along?”

“It’s good, we only have a few more weeks of recording, then a break and then we have to return for the photo shoot for the booklets,” Yunho said into the phone.

“When are you guys coming back?”

“Probably next week,” Yunho replied into the phone, a silly smile stretching across his face. He had been talking with Jaejoong constantly during the last few weeks and not once had the older man hinted at missing either of them. Jaejoong was busy as well with JYJ’s new album, and a part of Yunho wanted to take that as the reason. However, at that moment, Jaejoong’s words made him feel bold. “Do you want to meet up?”

There was a pause on the other line.

“I don’t know, don’t think so,” came the reply, dampening Yunho’s hopes. While Jaejoong had agreed to phone-calls he had never mentioned wanting to see Yunho—or Changmin for that matter—physically.

Yunho sighed. “Okay,” he said carefully, feeling like he was threading through eggshells. His relationship with the older man was nowhere near patched up yet, and he would have a lot to do to right his wrongs before that. In the end, he had no right to feel frustrated.

He started to say something when Jaejoong interrupted. “Sorry, I gotta go. I’ll talk to you later though, huh?”

“Sure,” he replied but Jaejoong had already hung up.

“How did you manage to turn everything into such a mess, Jung Yunho?” he mumbled to himself.

Just as he was opening his bag of chips with a dejected look on his face, Changmin appeared around the corner, a towel wrapped around slim hips, and water sliding down his torso.

“Who’s got your panties in a bunch?” he asked, as he dried his hair with a smaller towel.

“Ha-ha-ha,” Yunho laughed drily, stuffing his face with potato chips.

Their relationship had smoothed itself out after a few days in Japan. Neither one of them held physical evidence of their fight anymore, and the emotional wounds had begun to heal as well. Yunho sometimes allowed himself to be selfish and wondered why it could not be as easy with Jaejoong. There were still some sore subjects they would rather not delve upon though.

“I could have sworn that was…” Changmin’s voice trailed off, while Yunho stopped in mid-chew to look at the maknae.

Changmin shook his head, “Nothing.”

Yunho averted his eyes from the younger man, feeling guilty. He tried to look nonchalant while eating his chips when the bag was suddenly snatched from his hands.

“What the—“

“They are bad for your skin, hyung,” Changmin called back as he walked towards his room.

Yunho would’ve been touched by Changmin’s thoughtfulness if he had not heard him munching on a chip in the hallway, or if nervous butterflies had not been causing a ruckus inside his stomach when he thought the maknae had recognized Jaejoong’s voice.

He allowed Changmin to take the chips without a fight, choosing instead to calm his racing heart.

“Forgive me, Min-ah, but I want Jaejoongie for myself for a while longer,” he whispered to the empty room.


Jaejoong ended the call as soon as he heard footsteps outside the studio room he was in. Soon enough the door opened and Junsu walked into the room just as Jaejoong was pocketing his phone.

“You’re here early,” he commented and Jaejoong hummed in agreement.

When Junsu kept looking at him Jaejoong raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“What?” he asked feeling self-conscious.

“You look really cheerful today. Anything happened?” Junsu asked him, smiling. He went to sit on the cream-colored couch pressed against the wall, watching Jaejoong with expectantly.

Jaejoong smiled sheepishly back at him, trying hard to keep eye contact but failing miserably. “Just, uh—talking to an old friend.”

For a moment there was only silence, but Jaejoong could see how Junsu’s smile soured up. It was still there, but there was a wrinkle on his brow and something that looked like sadness in his eyes. Jaejoong swallowed, and mentally prepared himself for whatever Junsu was going to throw at him.

“Have you been seeing this old friend of yours?” Junsu asked, scrapping imaginary lint off of his black jeans.

Jaejoong shook his head, the nervous knot on his throat too tight to talk. In truth he had avoided all contact with Yunho other than phone calls. He did not trust himself around him or even Changmin just yet, and he was not sure he trusted them either. Months of separation had cleared his brain but all that progress could just as easily dissolve into thin air if he dared to give in to thoughts of meeting them again.

Sometimes Changmin called as well, but from the sounds of it neither man had told the other about their regular phone calls with him. They seldom talked about the other more than a couple of words over their general state, and Jaejoong could not help but think there was something going on between them and it was definitely not good.

Junsu sighed. “Okay,” he said, relaxing back on the couch.

Jaejoong blinked in confusion. “That’s it?”

Junsu shot him a look. “I’m not your mom, Hyung. Either way I see no harm in what you’re doing now.”

Jaejoong’s smile returned.

“Thanks, Junsu-yah,” he breathed out in relief, before going to sit next to his band-mate.

“But if Yoochun asks I said no such things,” Junsu joked, now almost completely immersed in his phone, probably writing a new tweet.

Jaejoong laughed, moving so he was lying on the couch with his head on Junsu’s lap. He took his own phone out again and started playing a game while they waited for Yoochun and the rest of the team to arrive.

Everything was going to be okay. He was going to be okay.


Changmin went to lay on his bed, completely forgoing clothes for the time being. His hyung had been acting strange ever since their fight, gingerly stepping around him and from the looks of it, keeping things from him.

Hypocrite, a voice inside his head whispered and he could not deny it. It was only a few weeks after the incident in Jaejoong-hyung’s apartment that he had cracked and texted his ex-band-member. Thankfully Jaejoong had replied and he had taken it as his permission to keep talking to his hyung. He still felt guilty about everything so he avoided flooding the other man’s inbox with messages, choosing instead to call him every once in a while. And he did all of this without Yunho-hyung’s knowledge.

If Changmin really had to admit it, somewhere in the middle of the mess they created he had developed feelings for Jaejoong. He had always thought his hyung was very attractive, beautiful even for a man but now he felt like an idiotic high school boy with a crush. It was ridiculous the way his heart would beat so hard he thought it would jump out of his ribcage every time he pressed the keys to that familiar number on his phone and put it up to his ear. The fact that Yunho and Jaejoong had a history before the lawsuit rubbed his pride the wrong way and the harder he wanted Jaejoong to be his.

As if in agreement to his thoughts, his stomach growled loudly. He dressed quickly in some a loose shirt and sweats and opened his laptop before grabbing his hyung’s stolen chips and digging into them grumpily. Junk food tasted better when you had actual food for the three major meals in the day but since Jaejoong-hyung got sick he could not say he had been getting those nice meals anywhere. There was only so much Japanese food he could eat before he started craving something more familiar; something ridiculously spicy that reminded him of home.

He browsed through the internet for a little while, munching on his chips. There was not anything particularly interesting and soon his hand hit the bottom of the bag. He licked his fingers clean of grease and salt, rumpling the bag afterwards. He went to the kitchen, intent on finding something with more substance but a quick scan of the fridge and the pantry revealed only cups of instant ramen and three more bags of chips.

Resigned he left the kitchen, going to the living room to see if Yunho-hyung was still there. He wasn’t, probably having gone to sleep already. Taking out his phone, he found himself writing a new message in a random bout of desperation.

I miss your cooking ㅠㅠ

He turned on the TV, weighing the pros and cons of letting the device lull him to sleep on the couch when his phone vibrated, startling him.

1 new message

He opened the message, his face breaking out into a smile. He was not really expecting a reply, much less the one written on the small screen on his palm.

Things were finally starting to look up again.

cliff-motherfucking-hanger and short chapter because I'm asshole \o/ (nah, just cuz it's almost 3 a.m. and I'm tired)

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