The Bet

May. 2nd, 2013 02:23 am
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pairing: heungsoon
rating: 2013
Summary: Kang Joo is convinced Nam Soon and Heung Soo have something going on. Ha Kyung is convinced Kang Joo reads too many manhwas.
A/N: Just something that got stuck to my head two hours ago. Excuse my terrible out-of-practice writing. Also posted here.

The bell was almost done ringing when the door to the classroom was slammed open, Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo walking through it, hair in disarray and breathing heavily, almost as if they had run all the way to school.

“Just in time, Heung Soo, President Go,” Kang seonsaengnim teased from the front of the classroom.

The two boys barely paid him any mind before taking their seats, Nam Soon already looking out the window, ready to waste the day sleeping.

“Those two lovebirds will never learn,” Kang Joo whispered next to her, shaking her head at them.

“You also should focus on your studies instead of indulging in those manhwa fantasies of yours,” Ha Kyung replied.

Kang Joo clucked her tongue at her before smiling wickedly. “Those two are totally real. I’ll bet you on it if you want to lose some money.”

It was Ha Kyung’s turn to snort. She glanced at President Go and then at Heung Soo. Sure enough both were already nodding off, not even sparing the other a glance. They had a complicated relationship, a friendship so marred by time and circumstance that it was hard to figure out if it was completely healed. Most of the time it seemed like they were still tip-toeing around each other waiting for one of the two to snap. How could they manage romance with so much tension between them?

“What do you want to bet?” Ha Kyung whispered back to Kang Joo, smiling just as knowingly. “How about the loser treats the winner to those hot dogs you like so much?”

“Deal!” Kang Joo all but screamed, making Kang seonsaengnim pause in his lecture to shoot her a dirty look. The fiery girl muttered an apology, while the class laughed at her. All of them except the sleeping guys on the back of course.

Ha Kyung smiled, returning her mind to the lesson. She did not feel as passionately for those hot dogs as Kang Joo did but the game was fun. It would keep Kang Joo entertained for a while, and she would get free dinner. It was killing two birds with one stone if you asked her.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, if you did not count Kang Joo’s pathetic efforts to squeeze what she thought the truth out of Nam Soon during self-study period. Ha Kyung pretended not to pay attention but she was listening to every word, while pretending to read over her Literature notes.

“Go Nam Soon!” Kang Joo shook Nam Soon’s shoulder to wake the slumbering teen.

Nam Soon raised his head, blinking away sleep and croaking out a “What?”

Ha Kyung allowed herself a look and so she turned around, ready for the show. Kang Joo was leaning closer to the desk, until she was at eye-level with a confused Nam Soon.

“Just spill the beans,” she half-whispered. Ha Kyung had to strain her ears to hear her from the other side of the classroom.

The confusion on Nam Soon’s face intensified, and Kang Joo must have noticed too because she leaned even closer to Nam Soon to whisper in his ear. This time Ha Kyung did not hear very well but she had an idea of what her friend had whispered into the class president’s ear.

Said boy merely looked at Kang Joo for a second, sighed in annoyance and went back to sleep.

“Yah!” an angry Kang Joo shouted, once again startling the class. “What kind of reply is that?”

She slapped Nam Soon’s shoulder but he did not stir, which only made her angrier. “Okay then, I’ll just ask—“, she started to say but one look at the glare Park Heung Soo was shooting her and she knew her efforts would be in vain.  “Nevermind.”

She returned to her seat fuming and Ha Kyung tried to cover her laugh with a cough.

“I hate to tell you, but I told you so,” she said instead.

Kang Joo huffed. “That is nothing. I’ll crack them before the end of the week.”

“You have until Friday then. I hope you bring a lot of money because I will eat well,” Ha Kyung offered, this time returning to her studies for real.

With so many distractions happening throughout the day as a result of their bet, Ha Kyung fell a little behind on her studying. Hoping to cram at least one more topic before she went home, Ha Kyung stayed behind after the bell rang, knowing she would have the classroom to herself for a few minutes before the extra lessons begun. She was almost done when Young Woo entered the classroom. A moment later Jung seonsaengnim entered the room, greeting her warmly.

“Did you stay behind to study, Ha Kyung-ah?” she asked.

“Yes, but only for a little while. I’m already leaving,” Ha Kyung answered, closing her notebook and putting it away in her bag.

“Well then, take care and see you tomorrow,” Jung seonsaengnim said with a smile. She then looked at her watch. “Where are these kids?”

Almost as if summoning them, Jung Ho and his troupe appeared through the door. Even though the class was almost empty they still took their seats at the very back. Ha Kyung wondered if during the afternoon they paid any attention whatsoever to what seonsaengnim said. Probably not.

“Jung Ho-yah, do you know where Nam Soon and Heung Soo are? They haven’t arrived,” Jung seonsaengnim asked.

“How would I know? I’m not their nanny,” Jung Ho replied, making Yi Kyung and Ji Hoon snigger.

Jung seonsaengnim sighed before turning to Ha Kyung.

“If you see them on your way out, could you tell them I am waiting for them? Those two cannot have any more absences if they plan to graduate.”

Ha Kyung nodded, shouldering her bag. “Yes, seonsaengnim.”

She walked slowly through the school, being in no hurry to arrive to the gates. The bus she usually took had already left and there wouldn’t be another one for another ten minutes at least.

There was a noise behind her, like something dropping on the floor, which made her turn around. At the end of the corridor she spotted a door cracked open. It was on the opposite direction to where she needed to go but the fact that someone was careless enough as to leave the door in such a sloppy state annoyed her so much that she decided to retrace her steps and fix the problem.

She passed next to Class 2-2, with Jung seonsaengnim still trying to get Jung Ho’s gang to participate in the class, and continued to the classroom at the end of the corridor. In no time her hand was upon the door. The sight inside the classroom, however, froze her in her spot, her voice stopping mid-gasp.

The lights were off but the faint sunset light coming from the windows was enough to identify the two figures inside the classroom. Go Nam Soon was propped over the teacher’s desk, with Park Heung Soo standing between his spread legs. The trash bin was lying horizontally on the floor, its contents spilling over, but that’s not where Ha Kyung’s eyes had stopped. Nam Soon’s arms were wrapped around Heung Soo’s neck, one thumb tenderly stroking the skin just under his ear, while Heung Soo’s hands held Nam Soon’s hips in an almost possessive grip. Their lips were locked together, and the smacking sounds and breathy moans of pleasure coming from both their mouths every time they parted had Ha Kyung turning red so fast she thought she might faint from the blood-rush.

Ha Kyung could only see Heung Soo’s back and part of Nam Soon’s face, but even so it was a miracle that the latter had not spotted her. She knew she had to get out of there but something stopped her from moving, even as every cell in her being pleaded with her to just run.

It seemed like an eternity had passed when Heung Soo broke the kiss. Nam Soon’s eyes were hazed over with desire as he breathed heavily, his lungs greedy for much needed oxygen. He tried to pull Heung Soo towards him but the other boy stopped him.

“We have to get to class,” he whispered.

“Since when do you care about that?” Nam Soon asked him, annoyance in his tone.

“Since I promised my sister I would graduate, you bastard,” Heung Soo said and even if Ha Kyung could not hear the smile in his voice she would see it mirrored on Nam Soon’s face a second later.

Heung Soo stepped back, allowing Nam Soon to climb down from the desk. They ran hands down crumpled uniforms in an effort to straighten their appearance as much as possible.

“Let’s go,” Nam Soon said.

Ha Kyung bolted away from there.

The next day, Kang Joo found Ha Kyung already in school, looking around like a scared deer.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” Kang Joo said.

Ha Kyung tried to arrange her expression to something more relaxed but at that moment Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo walked through the door, early for once. She glanced at them, and upon feeling her cheeks heating up she held her notebook to her face, hoping to cover her mortification.

Kang Joo looked confused from her friend to the pair of boys taking their usual seats and preparing for another day of slumber. She removed the notebook from Ha Kyung’s face, noticing the girl was as red as a tomato.

“What happened?” she asked.

“You win,” Ha Kyung forced herself to say, refusing to meet Kang Joo’s eyes.

Kang Joo looked towards the boys and then back at Ha Kyung, this time a wicked grin forming upon her face.

“You are so telling me everything today. Over hot dogs,” she said.

Ha Kyung groaned, banging her head against her desk.
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