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In Plain Sight

Pairing: Jaejoong/Junsu
Rating: PG-15
A/N: Not my best work. I'm rusty, and blocked and that's why I haven't updated anything. Sorry! You can also read it here.
[edit: font size and stuff is all messed up it seems. sorry i'll fix it later]

Junsu is the school’s golden boy. As part of the school choir, despite him singing like an angel, one would expect him to be bullied into oblivion, but he was also part of the soccer team and was as good, or even better, than any of the other jocks in the team. Junsu laughs easily, pearly whites showing and eyes crinkling up in mirth. He is kind to his classmates, friendly and always ready with a joke. He takes AP science classes and has a future drawn up for him as bright and shiny as his spiked blonde hair.

He has nothing in common with Jaejoong, the school’s heartthrob slash eccentric slash bad boy, except popularity. Jaejoong is black while Junsu is white; they’re like water and oil, never mixing and never seen together. Jaejoong sucks at sports but the sight of him smoking a cigarette against the school wall, burgundy hair covering his kohl-lined eyes, makes the girls swoon and pay good money for low quality stalker pictures of him to stick inside their lockers. Not even the recent string of murders and everyone’s assumptions that he was the murderer lowered his popularity.

During the last seven months four girls had suddenly gone missing. They were either walking home from school or leaving to and from a party the last time anyone knew anything about them. A couple of days and sometimes weeks later they were found in a dumpster or in the forest, seemingly sleeping but for the incision on their bellies and the organs surrounding them.

There are not enough fingers in Jaejoong’s hand to count all the times the police have either knocked on his door or dragged him from class for questioning. He always has an alibi and as time passes this fact seems to piss the officers off more and more.

“It’s like they want him to be the murderer,” Yunho, the captain of the soccer team, mumbles to Junsu as they were passing through the principal’s office when a pair of disgruntled policemen exit the room after questioning Jaejoong.

“They’re just lazy,” Junsu says, chuckling.

Yunho turns to look at him with wide eyes. “So you don’t think it’s him?”

Junsu shrugs, smile never leaving his lips.

Friday arrives quickly and everybody throws their notebooks into their backpacks as quickly as they can, ready for the weekend. Some bookworms stay behind, getting an early start on their weekend cramming sessions.

“Aren’t you coming?” Yunho asks an immobile Junsu.

Junsu waves him away. “I’ll be there later; I have to finish my Bio project.”

He waits for an hour after Yunho shrugs at him and leaves the classroom to grab his things and leave.

Two hours later he is in the school’s bathroom, stuffing his uniform into a duffel bag and fixing the sleeves of his cardigan over the casual v-neck he was wearing underneath. His body is thrumming with adrenaline and his breathing has not calmed down much. His palms are clammy but he has not felt so light in weeks.

The sudden opening of the bathroom door makes him jump but when he looks up he is met with warm brown eyes lined in kohl. He lowers his eyes again and finishes zipping up his bag. When he slings the bag over his shoulder Jaejoong is still standing there, watching him. He sees curiosity in those brown pools—no, it’s more like fascination—and if he’s not mistaken, half-concealed desire.

“What—“ he begins to say when suddenly Jaejoong grabs his face with so much force that he gets pushed against one of the sinks, the porcelain digging uncomfortably against his lower back and the strap of his bag sliding off his shoulder.

He knows his pupils are still blown from how high he feels and his body is thrumming and his hands are feeling spidery so he mumbles “fuck it” inside his head and leans forward, capturing Jaejoong’s lips with his own. His hands slide into burgundy locks and he feels the sweat on his fingers dry against the dyed strands. The sink is still digging into his back and so he takes revenge by pulling on them, earning a moan from the other boy.

When they part for air Jaejoong’s hands are still on his face but his eyes now portray humor. A thumb suddenly wipes the area under his eye and Junsu feels himself stop breathing once again as Jaejoong licks the crimson smudge off his finger.

“There was blood on your face,” he offers as explanation with that sultry voice of his, but Junsu is still frozen in his spot, thoughts racing.

Jaejoong chuckles and leans forward again, kissing Junsu forcefully. He stops only when he feels Junsu relax in his hold and steps away from the wrecked boy for the second time.

“See you around,” he says, before leaving the bathroom.

Junsu takes one look at Jaejoong’s retreating back and then one at the duffel bag at his feet. There is a knife at the bottom of the bag but his chance is gone. He has left Yunho waiting too long anyway.

On Sunday a new body is found. This time the girls is completely torn apart, the torso cut open and the ribs fractured to expose
the organs. Other than that nothing seems to have been taken out. The girl’s parents are devastated and the police promise to catch the culprit soon.

That afternoon Jaejoong opens his front door to the police, trying to keep himself from laughing.

On Monday it’s the last day to turn in the science projects. A small exhibition is set up and students from other classes are encouraged to visit it. Junsu gets an A+ on his, but the pride he feels at his grade is nothing compared to the feeling he gets when Jaejoong spots his project. Jaejoong is holding his stomach as he doubles over with the force of his amusement and Junsu cannot help but join in the laughter, pearly whites showing and eyes crinkling in mirth.

Stuck on the wall behind Junsu is a canvas depicting a completely realistic the life-sized diagram of the innards of a human body, precisely and painstakingly drawn and labeled.

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CREEPY! but oh so good
amazing how good a story can be in so few words

well done!

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It was a good fic. But it was really scary too o_O
I never would've thought Junsu did it :o